Meet your Manotick Personal Trainer

Blair Wilson

Blair Wilson is the founder of Manotick Personal Trainer and co-founder of MedX Precision Fitness, a fast growing strength training facility in Toronto, Canada.

Prior to starting becoming a fitness entrepreneur and health advocate, Blair was a professional water skier and long time mentee to acclaimed writer and body builder John Little who authored Body by Science: A Research Based Program to Get the Results

Blair has contributed to several influential studies on the mechanisms of fitness and weight loss – two of which have been published in international publications – and he is also a founding member of the Canadian Sarcopenia Foundation and contributor to the Huffington Post.

Our Methodology

The Importance of Muscle:

Sarcopenia: Age related loss of muscle mass and strength

As we age we inevitably confront a formidable foe: the continual degeneration of muscle tissue. This silent predator commences its hunt far earlier than most would believe, stripping us of around half a pound of lean muscle annually. When multiplied by the years, this translates into a devastating diminution of our functional capacity, making us vulnerable to an array of pressing health dilemmas.

Your everyday jog or leisurely cycle ride is insufficient in thwarting this progressive musculoskeletal disease. To provoke a real metamorphosis, the stimulation we give our bodies through exercise needs to cross a certain threshold. 

At Manotick Personal Trainer, we advocate a slow speed, strength training approach designed to stimulate muscle growth in the safest, highly efficient manner.

By using the latest scientifically validated evidence-based studies, we empower our clients to gain measurable improvements in various health indicators, from body fat and strength to cardiovascular proficiency, blood pressure, bone density, metabolism, and resilience to injury and sports activities.

Man and trainer using pulling machine at the gym.
A man in his 50's watching his form in the mirror lifting dumbbell weights.

A Rationale Approach to Exercise:

Prioritizing Workout Efficiency

In a world where time is a valuable asset, we vouch for the efficiency of our workouts – 30 minutes per session. At Manotick Personal Trainer, we only employ endorsed strength training techniques that has been rigorously scrutinized for optimal results and efficiency. 

Our methodology demands our clients to meticulously elevate and descend the weight in a slow, controlled fashion, eliminating momentum and acceleration. Consequently, your muscles remain in a state of constant contraction while safeguarding your joints from unwarranted forces.

The Value of Time Under Load

By removing momentum and acceleration, the muscle is optimally loaded, leading to rapid fatigue. Our state of the art gym delivers an optimally efficient balanced load for both eccentric and concentric movements which means that your usual session at Manotick Personal Trainer achieves fully realized strength training benefits under the half-hour mark. 

With Manotick Personal Training methodologies, no movement is ever wasted.

Hand holding a stopwatch.
older man and younger trainer high fiving each other in the gym.

An Environment Conducive to Success:

1-on-1 Personal Training

At the core of Manotick Personal Trainer’s ethos lies a commitment to creating an environment where unwavering dedication to exercise thrives. By eliminating distractions, we ensure your laser-focused attention remains solely on achieving your fitness goals. 

At MPT, it’s just you and your trainer, united in pursuit of success.

quality gym equipment

Experience the latest evidence-based exercise science of Manotick Personal Trainer, where only the most advanced exercise equipment is utilized. Each machine is meticulously designed, incorporating decades of invaluable experience and extensive research and development. 

Discover our hand selected state-of-the-art equipment, where precision and low-friction converge to redefine excellence in personal strength training and resistance training exercise.

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